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Filmblanc is an international film production company created by Noemi Weis in 1998 with a clear mission of bringing the world together. Before globalization was a common term and long before emails were the way of communication, Noemi Weis envisioned  an interconnected partnerships  between producers from around the world in order to nurture and provide creative people the means to produce their dreams anywhere in the world. With much success, Filmblanc has created associations in 20 markets around the globe, bringing people together under one roof that at times encompasses travel to and from various different continents.

In the ensuing years, Filmblanc has effectively worked in virtually all forms of production from commercials and corporate to service productions of all forms, then adding as a natural progression, the production of social justice and human rights films in 2004. Since then, Filmblanc is proud to have  successfully brought forward the voices of the world’s most vulnerable and those in greatest need of an advocate by covering issues surrounding women and children’s rights, domestic violence, gay rights, education and violence, both in Canada and around the world.

All of Filmblanc’s films have garnered and continue to generate international attention and awards, but more importantly, they have helped to make a lasting difference in the lives of individuals, communities, organizations and education.

As a multiple award winning, entrepreneurial and visionary company with a pristine track record of excellence, Filmblanc continues to create and develop films to promote human rights and social justice.

About Noemí Weis

Noemi Weis is an award winning Writer, Director and Producer that has spent over 20-years telling stories on the big and small screens, from her worldwide advertising projects to her award winning documentaries.

As a humanitarian and an advocate leader Noemí journeys where stories take her to bring voice to the world’s most vulnerable. Her films have been seen in more than 100 countries receiving numerous awards but most important, making in a difference in communities around the world. She received a passionate message of support from Mm. Sophie Gregoire Trudeau for her film MILK and has been honoured with an invitation to meet Pope Francis at the Vatican in recognition of the impact her films have created in global communities. Additionally, Noemi has been recognized as one of the top 10 most influential Hispanic-Canadians, award given by Toronto Mayor John Tory.

Noemi is a proud member of the Unesco, Team Canada’s Trade Missions and a Business Ambassador of Ontario, promoting the merits of Canadian production abroad. In this capacity, she participates in trade missions and has been honoured with the nomination of “Woman Entrepreneur of the Year” for three years in a row, the last one by Export Development Canada and nominated as a finalist for “Woman Entrepreneur of the World,” as the sole Canadian nominee.

“Director/Producer Noemi has built an exceptional documentary portfolio.Her tangible skills are guided by moral integrity and a keen sense of balance. Noemi is an articulate and sensitive filmmaker with purpose. Noemi is an accomplished and important Canadian filmmarker.” says Bruce Cowley.

“As both a Producer and a Director, Noemi is a thorough and competent professional that despite her many achievements remains a very modest individual.” says Paritosh Mehta -.

Noemi Weis is a shining star of the Canadian film and broadcast industries, says Toronto journalist Ingrid Hamilton.

“It is good to see that Canada is being promoted in such a vibrant, energetic and creative fashion through your extensive international connections. Canadian Production of this type is valuable in augmenting Canada’s presence on the world stage” Senator, Honorable Marie Poulin

Born in Buenos Aries and educated in Argentina and Canada, Noemi brings her skills and love for humanity to every project. She continues to create and develop films to promote human rights and social justice. She is fluent in English, French, Italian and Spanish.

Nestor Gaetan – Strategic Planning, Sales and Marketing – Creative development and research

Nestor is a graduate of the University of Toronto with a degree in Sociology and Spanish Literature. He has been working as part of the Filmblanc team since 1998 in the capacity of strategic planning, sales, research and creative development. As a Sales and Marketing representative, Nestor has brought Filmblanc’s projects to the Montreal market; he is also presently, the sole European representative for Filmblanc, situated in Barcelona, Spain.

Nestor actively travels to Film Festivals around the world representing Filmblanc’s properties. In the capacity of strategic planning and research, Nestor has been dynamically working on all of Filmblanc’s films for the past eight years. He is also involved in the development of a number of Filmblanc’s documentary films.

In addition to his work at Filmblanc, Nestor’s work extends to strategic services and communications, business and media, where he works as Creative Director for graphic design, commercial and show production for an international viral Radio program.

Over the years, he has produced and anchored a radio show at 1610 AM, “Radio Voces Latinas” in Toronto, where he also performed duties involving Public Relations, Advertising and promotions. He also utilized these talents for the English radio talk show, “Speaking with an Accent“.

He volunteered for a number of organizations, including ACT (Aids Committee of Toronto). Currently, he does it in Barcelona at ACASC, an NGO that looks after HIV affected people with particular emphasis on the social excluded.

Over the last few of years, Nestor has been working with Filmblanc,from his home base in Barcelona, Spain, acting as Filmblanc’s representative in Europe and developing new associations and opportunities in the local and European Market where he is seeking partners to co-produce with Filmblanc.


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