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Connecting the Dots – Written and Directed by Noemi Weis- In development

Connecting the Dots reveals the global impact our 21st century culture has had in creating a staggering epidemic of teen depression, anxiety and suicide shedding light on the reasons why we are faced with a civilization of adolescents and young adults in crisis, feeling hopeless and with a strong lack of purpose. The film will shed light on what are the early interventions and potential preventable solutions that we can offer global audiences to promote, protect and support our youth. It is through the poignant voices of the children themselves that Connecting the Dots will wake up the audience to better understand where have we gone wrong and what needs to change.

Dahiana- Written by Nestor Gaetan and Noemi Weis- In production

Dahiana was born in Colombia under the name Willson Gavira. Early in life he realized that the world treated him as the child of a lesser God, not only as a black child, but also because his behavior was not that of a child, but to a girl. He grew up in poverty finding pleasure in the simple heart of family life, facing his misfortune and tragedy with humor and creating the fantastic characters that helped him avoid the harshness of their daily reality. Dahiana found refuge in the world of art as a child and this lead her to a path of travel and discovery. As a street performer walking down the Ramblas of Barcelona, she gained popularity and attractions within the male population of locals and tourists alike.  In his search for identity and survival, Dahiana found her working world on the Ramblas in Barcelona and today as well in the windows of the “red light district” of Brussels. A tender story of survival and identity that leads us to discover this person who is full of life despite her tremendous difficulties. She inspires joy, tenderness, hope and a great value to the meaning of freedom and the meaning of what it is to be a ” woman” .

The Power of the Universal Hug a film by Noemi Weis

When 8 year old Sebastian made a plea for a universal hug so his mother would not be alone while he underwent brain surgery, he never imagined that this hug would become viral and bring over 20000 people to respond and that this appeal would reunite his family after 80 years of search. Sebastian’s voice retells the story over images of how his great great grandmother arrived to Argentina from Russia with 8 of her brothers and sisters. They thought that they were arriving to the USA but they missed the boat. One of her brothers , Gabriel Dubinsky had already left 10 years earlier and he settled in New York. My great grandmother , Maria, looked and looked for this brother but never found him, says Sebastian. This emotional family reunion brings us to the power of this universal hug, of the beauty of family reunification and to the magic of technology that allows for five generations to come together after 80 years of search. Furthermore, the film explores the healing powers of a hug and how it all begins at birth.

Stop the Rage- Created by Noemi Weis and Nestor Gaetan

Feature Documentary + 52 minutes for TV

Stop the Rage is a documentary about youth violence. What brings the rage, where does it come from, how does it manifest, how does our society deal with it and more importantly, what can our governments and community officials do to STOP THE KILLING amongst our youth? Capturing the point of view of the subject, while utilizing 3D animation and gaming technology, we intend to blur the lines between real and fiction to produce a visually compelling film, which also illustrates the complex reality behind youth violence.

Ancient Roots-Writer Noemi Weis -Documentary Series

Ancient Roots is a documentary series about the remote communities around the world, from a sociological and anthropological point of view. We will visit small, obscure, remote and unique communities, and will answer the larger questions: What is “cultural identity” and how important is it to human survival? From remote jewish communities in Eastern Europe to the Hasidik Jews in Outremont to the Goulas in Brazil,what makes these people live in countries and communities where 99.9% of the population belongs to a different faith?As the world heads toward a global village, where the meeting of customs and cultures through technology and globalization is widespread; what is the key to survival of a unique people?

Behind the Song and Dance-Documentary Series – Director TBD, Created by Noemi Weis and Nestor Gaetan

In the last decade, the world has experienced Latin fever. When we think of the Latin world we think of fun, sexy and fiesta. What is it that makes this culture so appealing and welcoming to so many other cultures, particularly when the reality behind this much-celebrated Latin America reveals a very different world? Poverty, social injustice, unequal land ownership and racial conflict are all issues that mark Latin American society. What is the relationship between the fun, sexy, Latin America that we perceive and the difficult realities faced by Latin American communities? What is behind the song and dance? An inspirational and informative documentary series that brings a message of what is the value of recognizing the “NOW” and how do we deal the day to day realities of our lives.

New in Town, Half-hour Comedy Series, Created by Noemi Weis, Nestor Gaetan and Jerry Ciccoritti, Director Jerry Ciccoritti

An increasingly political, social and economic shift around the world has resulted in migration & immigration to and from every corner of the world. This phenomenon is responsible for creating a new multi-cultural, social dynamic around the globe. With an increasing number of people starting new lives in new countries, from Europe to the America’s we are all experiencing access to new cultures like never before. What does it take to be “New in Town” and how do we live and adjust on a day to day basis?

New in Town is an entertaining, thought-provoking urban comedy series, capturing the essence of multiculturalism in Canada.

Global Treats- 1/2 hour lifestyle series

In a country as multicultural as Canada, most people readily identify themselves with their cultural heritage. For most of them, there is no better way to connect with their roots than by cooking traditional dishes that have been passed down to them through the generations. Global Treats is a cultural program for all ages and backgrounds. Each episode takes our host inside an ethnic Canadian home , where the host cooks a meal and invites family and friends to come and sample the cuisine of their native tradition. But this is more than just another “how-to” cooking show: as the cooking unfolds, so does the parties, as viewers get to see how people of different cultures entertain themselves and their guests. Food, diversity, language, culture, music and fun are the main ingredients of this 13-episode program.

Villa Freud; A Psychoanalytical Tango- Written by Noemi Weis and Hart Cohen

Feature Documentary, Director Hart Cohen, Writers Noemi Weis and Hart Cohen While Tango is an internationally famous Argentinean art form, less well-known is the widespread practice of psychoanalysis in a neighbourhood of Buenos Aires, remarkably nicknamed, “Villa Freud.” Contemporary Argentinean society is partially defined by both internal and globally driven pressures, as well as a recent past weighted with economic crises, political repression and the violence of military dictatorship. In Buenos Aires, these circumstances have generated two forms of cultural response: Tango and Psychoanalysis. The connection to Tango allows Argentineans to use this strong national artistic practice to “Argentinize” psychoanalysis; as one psychoanalyst put it, “A good psychoanalytic session is like a well-danced Tango”. This documentary will tell iconic stories of how Tango and Psychoanalysis together address the needs of Porteños. They provide clues to understanding the contemporary and complex society and culture of Buenos Aires. Please visit : to view a 5 minute trailer.

Filmblanc’s Fiction Film

1.- The Second Time Around – Written and Directed by Leon Marr- Completed- Launched Fall of 2016

The Second Time Around is a touching story of two people in their later years discovering that their age is not a barrier to finding new love. It is also a story that shows respect for the experience that has taken our characters to that stage in their lives. They are depicted with humour and depth and with all the foibles that each of us gains as we journey though life.


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