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  • DESERT RIDERS – The Lost Children of the Sport of Kings

  • TEACHING THE LIFE OF MUSIC – “Teach the life of Music and Music will teach them the beauty of Life” J.A. Abreu

  • THE FORGOTTEN WOMAN – A powerful reminder of the forgotten

  • LET’S TALK ABOUT IT – Intimate conversations between victims of domestic violence and their children

  • GLORIOUSLY FREE – A stunning profile of how the world’s gay refuges are fleeing discrimination

  • FRIDAS – Every Girl Wants a Skirt Like Fridas

  • ABUELAS – Grandmothers on a Mission

“An unforgettable face on a problem of unimaginable scope” – The Forgotten Woman — Nathan Lee, The New York Times

About Filmblanc

Filmblanc is an international film production company created by Noemi Weis in 1998 with a clear mission of bringing the world together. Before globalization was a common term and long before emails were the way of communication, Noemi Weis envisioned  an interconnected partnerships  between producers from around the world in order to nurture and provide creative people the means to produce their dreams anywhere in the world. [ Read more ]

News and updates

Canadian Broadcast Premier of Abuelas- Grandmothers on a Mission

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CBC’s Documentary Channel , Feature Program- October 23rd at 6PM ET

“Argentine filmmaker Noemi Weis beautifully documents the grandmothers’ painstaking work and its results – dramatic, inspiring and sometimes controversial – as the women make contact with grandchildren who have grown up living lies created by their adoptive parents. Their tireless work continues today: the justice they are seeking for their children’s murder, their drive to find their grandchildren, and their international status speaking out for family reunification”. by

Teaching the Life of Music inspires a new Sistema like program in Midland, Ontario

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After watching Teaching the Life of Music on TV, Ken Lewis from northern Ontario was so inspired by the film that started his quest on getting support from the community to open a Sistema like program in the area. Ken’s effort are paying off and a new Sistema is announced to open in Midland, Ontario in the spring of 2014.  Filmblanc is supporting the initiative with an outreach program through social media to gather  gently used instruments to help launch this program. For donations and info please contact us.


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